Sustainable tourism

Reducing the ecological footprint should be a concern for all.

Convento do Espinheiro Historic Hotel & Spa is certified by BIOSPHERE, where we have implemented several policies that promote good environmental practices, which show respect and responsibility on this subject, namely in the areas of environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and social responsibility.

Main environmental sustainability practices:

  • Responsible for garbage separation and referral to the competent locations;
  • Organic garden of herbs and fruit trees for use in the resort’s restaurants and bars;
  • Provides several separate waste collection points for use by customers and associates;
  • Allows the customer to choose whether to replace sheets and towels;
  • Acquires paper from companies with environmental policies;
  • Reduce the use of various plastic products, including straws, plates and cutlery and bottled water;
  • Charging points for electric vehicles;
  • Gardens exclusively irrigated with water from boreholes;
  • Garden waste is sent for composting;
  • All toilet flushes do not exceed 6 L;
  • Tap flow rates are controlled by limiters;
  • Use of solar panels to heat the indoor pool water;
  • Mini bar is empty and off, products on request.

Key energy efficiency practices:

  • Acclimatization system with reuse of outdoor temperature to acclimate the rooms and common areas;
  • Monthly CO2 control tools to reduce these values;
  • Implementation of renewable energy production systems (self-consumption);
  • HVAC system with dynamic temperature set points depending on the time of year;
  • LED technology lighting;
  • Sensor-controlled street lighting or GTC;
  • New air treatment unit equipments with heat recovery.

Main social responsibility practices:

  • Food, clothing and equipment donation programs;
  • Solidarity movement commemorating the “Earth Hour” event;
  • Making available on digital information platforms about good sustainability practices;
  • Multiple digital platforms available with all the information you need to know the resort to reduce document printouts.
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